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Attorney Services

San Jose Detective Agency can assist your law firm with many aspects of trial preparations witness locates, and Asset assessment which can be an important factor in pre-trail decision making (we can help). We love the difficult process services. They can run but they can’t hide from our expert staff.

Sub-Rosa surveillances are one of our specialties, for the personal injury cases, child custody, and sometimes divorce cases, etc.

We provide witness locates and interviews, statements (transcribed or transposed)

We offer complete crimes scene and accident scene photography.

Personal injury client sign ups. We’ll get the ink on the contract and overnight it to you with all pertinent releases, photos and a comprehensive report.

Trial Preparation? Let us do the leg work for you.

Your firm’s name and reputation is as important to us as our own.

San Jose Detectives

Our trained, skilled, experience detectives will work hard to give you the information needed to bring closure to your situation. All services will be performed in a legal timely manner. To learn more about  our agency or our investigation services in California or wherever the case leads,

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