Hiring a PI Takes a Deal of Homework

When in the market for a private investigator, you don’t want to just blindly hire the first option you come across in the phonebook. You need to carefully consider your decision to hire the PI you trust your needs with. Whether you are in the market to prove your legal matter or just need some peace of mind to quell some nagging suspicions, there are a few things you have to take into account.

For starters, confirm your prospective investigator is fully licensed.  Without question this is the initial step to verify you’re getting the best service for your money. These PIs are trained to practice investigation in accordance with state law. This is crucial if you are hiring them to find evidence you want admissible in a court of law. Otherwise useful evidence can be ruled as inadmissible, costing you nothing other than time and money.

Making your decision to hire a certain PI should also be based on case studies and recommendations. Otherwise you are just taking his expertise at face value. He could tell you anything he wants when it comes to validating his credentials, but if he has concrete evidence of cases he has helped his clients win, then they can pass as a legitimate choice. Moreover, if other people with no direct interest in the PI operation can attest to the PI’s validity, it’s even more solid.

Finally, evaluate how the PI interacts with you. If he is personable and friendly, great! But if they are standoffish with questionable intentions, you may want to reconsider giving this person any of your money. It’s also a red flag if they PI doesn’t have their own office. Even a home office with a desk and a computer is a good sign.

Just like hiring any private contractor, you want to do your due diligence. You are looking for someone who understands your needs and what you want out of their services. You only want to hire an investigator you have determined is worthy of your trust. Especially since most PIs require an upfront fee.