Signs Your Spouse May be Cheating

Today’s day and age, people are straying more and more from relationships to which they were once devoted. Temptations from the online dating and a more casual approach to sex have diminished the moral compass of society. This has directly led to a casual approach to fidelity, bringing a lot of pressure on modern day marriage and relationships.

Relationships deteriorate for any number of reasons. Be it the two people have grown apart or they have had a lot of differences or arguments, infidelity is never an excuse. But if you suspect your spouse of being unfaithful, there are some undeniable signs he or she may be on the prowl.

Is your significant other working on their body to stay in shape more than you typically know them to? If your spouse is trimming down and working on their physique, it could be a harmless effort to stay in shape, but it could also be something a little less innocent as well. This factor alone is generally nothing to worry about, but combined with other signs could contribute to a red flag.

And what better to complement their new physique than a spiffy new wardrobe? Another strong indication you may soon find yourself in a love triangle is if your spouse has started spending more money on their wardrobe. Spiffing up their articles and color coordination is no reason to jump the gun, but may be another reason to ask questions.

If you are finding they are keeping a watchful eye on their cell phone, delete the browsing history on the laptop every time they are done using it, or have perhaps put a password on both, this is a solid indication they are hiding something. With today’s technology, it is very common to text or Snapchat an object of affection. So if you go to reach for their phone casually and you notice they seem jumpy or paranoid about it, you may want to do a little deeper investigating.

Finally, the internet being a classic source for encouraging infidelity, social media is top resource for determining whether or not your spouse is being faithful. The simplest and most obvious signs may offer all the writing on the wall you may need. This includes the old Facebook “check in” or suggestive hashtags on Twitter, like #cheatingonmyspouse, #notellmotel, or something to that effect.

Peoples’ loyalty toward one another is increasingly tested nowadays more than ever. It’s no wonder we live in a country with over a 50% divorce rate. If you have your strong suspicions, the only true way to find out one way or another is hiring a professional to confirm one way or another. No one likes to be left in the dark when it comes to their heart.