Counter Surveillance Could Protect You & Yours

It’s one thing to set up surveillance to catch a significant other cheating, or an employee stealing. But what if someone has set up surveillance without your knowledge and is watching you? Tiny cameras, key logs and microphone bugs are all ways someone could track what you do, where you go and what you say.

It’s common for homeowners and office managers to think that they would see a camera or be able to sense a microphone if one was planted. They expect something to be moved, out of place, or feedback to come from multiple devices but this is rarely the case. Experienced professionals can hide all sorts of spying devices completely undetected.

Counter surveillance is a way to find out if any of these intrusions are going on in your home, car or office. Just as it took professionals to install these devices, it also takes professionals to find them. Industry professionals know the tricks of the trade and can extensively physically search for cameras and sound bugs. Technology can also be used to detect recording or monitoring devices.

Most importantly however, counter surveillance professionals will also provide proof of what type of monitoring was being done and potentially where it came from in the first place. Everyone has a right to privacy and if you think yours is being compromised, it couldn’t hurt to see the options when it comes to counter surveillance.

Being watched, recorded or monitored without your knowledge puts your information, financials and well being at risk, not to mention the well being of your family. If there is something in your home or office that you did not place there, you deserve to know what it is and where it came from. If you feel you are being watched, follow your instinct and reach out to an industry professional that can help.