Cheaters; Latest Studies

According to the latest study published in The American Sociological Review, Men or women who are totally economically dependent on their partners are more likely to have an affair than couples who both contribute financially to the relationship.

With men who are exclusively dependent on  woman, the probability of acting out, with a third party, increases approximately three times. Economically dependent Women have a 5.2 % chance of having an outside affair. Non totally, dependent, Women have only a 3.4% chance of being involved with a member of the opposite sex other than their partners.

Bread winners overall, on average, have only a 1.5% chance of cheating on their partners. Totally dependent Males (the highest at risk group) have a 15% chance of stepping out on the female breadwinner. Men who are the total breadwinners in the relationship have a 4% likelihood of going outside of the relationship for a sexual affair.

When asked the bread winners/potential cheaters, expressed the belief that even if caught in an affair the dependent partner would not leave. No reasons for this was specified.

The data for this study was based on two thousand seven hundred and fifty seven, heterosexual, couples, with a minimum of a one year, exclusively, committed, relationship.