Red Flags for cheater victims

There is nothing that can absolutely keep you from being a victim of domestic deceit. Relationships are all different. Cultures are are different. Families of origin are different. Men and women are different. But there are many signs (or red flags), that are the same, in many cases, which can help you to develop behavioral patterns conducive to cheating.

Here are a few of the red flags that over the last 19 years of daily investigations, I continue to hear over and over from my clients. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but rather 10 of the most common indicators. (1) A sudden change in interest in his or her appearance. Is there a change in dress? a sudden interest in working out? different (sexier) undergarments? changed hair styles? enhancement surgeries? (boob jobs, face lifts, stomach stapled, tummy tucks, ext.). (2 ) New friends? (who you don’t or are not allowed to know). (3) a change in schedule? working late, Going to the gym at off hours. New social events that you are not welcome to or can’t attend. Trips alone? (4) Secrecy concerning  cell phone, Texts, email, computers, calendars? or even an additional cell phone. New passwords? (5) Constantly alone while on the phone, Texting, emailing or just on the computer (dating websites?) Protective of what he or she is doing, erasing after each session, not sharing openly what he or she is doing. (6) A new smell or fragrance upon arriving home. (7) Washing clothes/underwear soon after arrival. (8) New hobbies or meet up groups. (9) Secretive or controlling concerning finances? Credit cards or bank accounts that are not accessible by you. (10) Of coarse lipstick on the collar, glitter on the pants, and rumors from friends or co-workers should not be ignored. I know I didn’t list some things. Things that did not come to mind or I have forgotten about. Maybe I’ll write a part 2 in the future. Questions? call 408-268-5900 Thanks, Ray