Lie Detector Services & Private Investigating

Lie detector services are used every day to help prove, or disprove, criminal and court cases.Also known as a polygraph test, these services can be used to see whether or not a person is telling the truth. Unlike just asking someone for a flat out answer, the lie detector test will monitor the body’s involuntary reactions for indications for whether or not the truth is being told.

Cardiovascular levels, the respiratory system and how much sweat is released during questions is all tracked. It is then compared to the answers given using the latest technology. Unusual body reactions along with increased breathing and sweating can point out a lie.

A correctly administered lie detector test can solve a lot of questions to help determine if someone is being honest or dishonest. No matter how good of a liar someone claims to be, their body’s reactions bring the truth to the surface and work against them. While their story might sound convincing, their pulse, breathing and sweat glands might beg to differ.

Polygraph tests have helped solve crimes, mysteries and disputes. Administered confidentially, the test can analyze the results of any type of question no matter how specific or personal. A lie detector test is a much easier way for a wife to prove her husband is cheating rather than following him around or reading through all of his emails.