Why Private Investigators are Better

A good private investigator can find anything and everything. Anything from stolen merchandise to missing people can be tracked by the right detective with the right resources. They are also much more attentive than police are really allowed, especially on certain kinds of cases.

Police must abide by certain timeframes and following police protocol which may actually be damaging to tracking down the person of interest. This protocol is in place because of how many missing persons cases are false alarms or under the missing person’s own accord. But as a parent or spouse, you are more familiar with the context or the personal situation- when you know, you know. Regardless of how out of character and convinced you are the person in question is actually missing, the police must follow protocol.

Police are often not concerned with tracking down stolen merchandise or cracking cases having to do with breaking and entering either. They have too much violent crime to concern themselves with, especially in larger cities with higher crime rates. So many victims of crime are left feeling helpless and possibly out thousands of dollars, depending on what exactly were stolen from them.

If you do not have renter’s or home owner’s insurance and you are the victim of burglary, you are unfortunately going to have no financial help replacing the stolen items. Or if your car was stolen and you can’t afford full insurance coverage, for example, you are in a very difficult position. Not only are any of your personal items in the car gone for good, but you may be forced to buy a new car. That is unless of course you were able to find a professional dedicated to tracking it down for you.

A private investigator works on your terms for you. They are focused on solving your problem without any of the overseeing regulation and bureaucracy standing in the way of so many police detective cases. When you hire a private investigator, you are treated as a customer, no matter how trivial your issue may seem to your local police department.