What you May Not Realize About PIs

Private investigators aren’t just about uncovering cheating spouses for who they really are or hiding in the shadows to expose massive corporate or government cover-ups. They do much more than what you may think based on what you see in the movies or on TV. They are also useful to protecting executives or government officials whom may be targets for various reasons.

Executive protection is a little-known field in which private investigators specialize. Think of all the disgruntled employees following a reduction in force (RIF) at a large company. When these employees need protection, or need protection from, private investigators are who companies often enlist for their services.

This corresponds with the legal requirement on behalf of the employer to maintain a safe work environment. The failure on the behalf of an employer to provide a safe working environment is against legal requirements of the labor department. If they don’t provide protection for this high profile, highly targeted individuals, companies can face serious federal litigation.

Private investigators are useful in protecting against workplace violence in numerous scenarios. Corporations also may be called upon to protect employees with restraining orders against hostile or combative individuals. In the event an angry ex-husband or an irate ex-boyfriend walks into the work place, it’s the company’s responsibility to protect their employee from any physical abuse and harm.

Private investigators also act in the capacity of a personal security guard for high profile individuals in public. Those with extremely valuable merchandise or large amounts of money, such as jewelers or businessmen completing cash transactions, may not feel completely comfortable without an extra pair of eyes or professional protection against heists and thievery.

Private investigators are useful in many more ways than you may have realized. They help corporations follow national regulation and protect their employees. They are also crucial components to individual private protection for individuals in fear of their bodily safety for whatever reason, including controversial politicians.