When your Burden of Proof Lies in the Information Age

It is now the information age. The internet is the largest collective wealth of information to have ever existed, currently serving the largest global population to date. And with this figure growing exponentially on a monthly basis, the number of people using the internet continues to explode. The internet is not only the largest source of information man has ever known, it also a crucial means of communication in our day and age.

A majority of people you meet of come across, especially in the United States, will show results in some form or another in simple search engine research. This is why when you find yourself in the position of providing the burden of proof for a lawsuit or divorce case, the easiest way to track down any information you may need starts with internet history.

A simple search of anyone’s internet history could turn up revealing information on anyone from who they interact with to what kinds of behavior may be on their minds. For example, a search engine history on “how to get away with cheating on your husband” is quite revealing on what this person’s motivation may be. What’s more, could turn up some revealing information on who they’re emailing, with such subject lines as “I can’t wait to see you again” or things of this nature.

Most people who are doing something behind their spouse’ back, however, are privy to the nuances of protecting their privacy and covering their tracks. Deleting browser history is as easy as a few point-and-clicks after internet use. To limit any suspicion, browser history can even be deleted between a certain date and time range. This could very useful information forever lost to someone seeking a divorce on the grounds of infidelity. Luckily, however, private detectives can recover pretty much any history of a working hard drive.

Implementing some of the most advanced software available, private detectives can easily recover anything and everything from deleted computer history to deleted files. Professional software can even open ‘hidden’ files the suspected cheater wants to keep under wraps and allow you to view screen shots. So if the basis of your burden of proof lies in deleted internet history and communications, contacting a private detective is the only efficient means of tracking down what you need to state your case.